MARCH 2023

Eli creates “Merch By Atlas”, an official storefront for his original artwork for custom made products.

JAN 2023

Nerd Java Host Chad Fehr talks with both the Comic Book team and the Anime team about working with Rikishi and how the Comic and the Anime will be different to keep the audience interested. The comic and anime follow Kishi, who must embark on an epic journey to the Dream World, to become an Island Guardian.

JAN 2022

Written by Eli, read this editorial presented by Columbia University. He talks about winning Yishan Wong’s Solarpunk Art Contest 2021, solutions for problems via sustainable energy, climate change and its impact on the future of our environment .

JAN 2022

THE FAQ PROJECT podcasts sits down with Corey Pruitt and Eli Johnson as they discuss their series “Leaders of the Free World” now available on Comixology.

FEB 2022

Fortress Comics interviews Eli and Aaron Johnson. These brothers have been working artists across multiple industries that joined forces to create their own comic series “The Formula”.

JUL 2020

Get to know the human form and improve your figure-drawing skills with a step-by-step drawing tutorial, featured on Adobe.

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